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Life is messy.
Science is messy.
Healthcare and research are


As humans, we all have our own in-built biases.

Our brains can’t help looking for patterns as we make sense of the world.

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(It's not necessarily intentional, it's just what happens)

The revolution in data and technology has created new issues.

Sometimes our biases are encoded into the tools we build. 

Sometimes the datasets we
have only tell
part of the story.

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So what happens when we don't have data on
some people?

Well, we could end up with research and health innovations that don’t work for everybody 

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We don’t want that to happen.
You d
on’t want that to happen.
And you can help make a difference. 

Read, watch and listen to our stories on health and genomic data diversity...
And why it's important.

Join the conversation.
Tell us what you think.

If you'd like, tell us your story.

We are listening.

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