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Genomics for all: Ensuring equality and diversity in genomic healthcare

Dr Maxine Mackintosh, Dr Dan Rhodes, Dr Natalie Banner, Dr Harpreet Sood & Dr Sufyan Dogra

Session recorded at the Genomics England Innovation Showcase on September 29th 2021

Genomics is driving a revolutionary shift in how we diagnose and treat patients. As the cost of DNA sequencing reduces and the speed and scale increases, so too does the opportunity for genomics to be incorporated into mainstream medicine. However, human genetic research studies have largely focused on populations from European ancestries, contributing to a world where the benefits of genomic healthcare are not shared equally. This has resulted in misdiagnoses, poor understanding of conditions and inconsistent delivery of care, as well as mistrust among excluded communities on the collection and use of genetic data.

This session brings together people from different fields and communities to share their perspectives on both the challenges and existing initiatives all working towards the common goal of ensuring that genomic medicine works for everyone; from the data science, to the community engagement and everything in between.

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