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A Kitchen Conversation: Why are there so few East Asians in our datasets?

Sophia Luu, Genomics England

“[Sophia, at Genomics England], is trying to design new ways to get people of different backgrounds to understand what the database is, donate, and ensure that the data gets used.”

Sophia Luu, our Design Researcher on the Diverse Data Programme is joined by her grandfather, her grandmother, her father and her mother to discuss why not many people of East Asian descent are in our database.

During their discussion, they touch on our Diverse Data Programme and the different groups of people missing in our dataset. They also discuss past experiences with doctors, abortion and the religious and cultural aspects of healthcare.


Sophia is the Design Research for the Diverse Data Programme at Genomics England. She researches the social determines of health from a community and creative lens. She is former McKinsey, D&AD New Blood pencil winner and co-founder of ‘On the Mend’ design studio. Her deep focus lies in the intersectionalities between race, class and gender on health.

Peter Khiem (left) was an interpreter for NHS services in the south east area between 1993-2006. In this podcast, him and his wife Maria have a conversation with GEL’s Sophia and her parents Vincent (right) and Suzanne.

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